Products and Material Grades

Pipes – seamless and welded logo stainalloy

Fittings – seamless and welded

Flanges / Forged FittingsSteel Elbow


ASTM B265/B861-2/B862-2/B363-WPT2

ASTM B265/B861-7/B862-7/B363-WPT7

(Super)Duplex Ferritic-Austenitic

ASTM A182/A790/A815/A928 Gr. F51-UNS S31803

ASTM A182/A790/A815/A928 Gr. F53-UNS S32750

ASTM A182/A790/A815 Gr. F55-UNS S32760-Zeron 100®

Copper Nickel Alloy CuNi 90/10

EEMUA 144/145/146  UNS 7060X,  BS 2871 CN102,  ASTM B466 UNS C70600/C70620

Copper Nickel Alloy CuNi 70/30

BS 2871 CN107, ASTM B466 UNS C71500/C71520

Nickel AlloysSteel Con Red

ASTM B127/B164/B165/ B366/B564 Alloy 400

ASTM B166/B167/B168/B366/B564 Alloy 600

ASTM B366/B443/B444/B446/B564/B705 Alloy 625

ASTM B366/B407/B409/B408/B564 Alloy 800 H-HT

ASTM B366/B423/B424/B425/B564/B705 Alloy 825

ASTM B333/B335/B366/B564/B619/B622 Alloy C276-Alloy B2

ASTM B366/B462/B463/B468/B729 Alloy 8020


Austenitic Steel

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 304 (L-H)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 310 (S)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 316 (L-Ti)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 317 (L)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 321 (H)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – 347 (H)

ASTM A182/A312/A358/A403 – F44-UNS 31254

 Low AlloysSteel Flange 1

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)1

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)5

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)9

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)11

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)22

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)23

ASTM A182/A234/A335/A691 P(F)91


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